Don henley is an asshole

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Sometimes people just can't stand one another.
Many long time fans were aware of the caste system that has more or less always operated within the Eagles. The height of irony in this documentary is Frey referring to Felder as " The concert I attended about 10 or 12 years ago, the crowd exploded when Walsh went into the Games Gang songs and kept yelling for more. As in any business, there are different levels of responsibility and therefore different levels of earnings. I'm a Brit and have just seen the documentary over here. He'd better leave that vile alone.
They say asshole things right into the camera because they have no idea “Don Henley is apparently intimidated by my rendition of 'Hotel. He even has an asshole face. Why is Don Don Henley MUST die! Shitty perverted lil . I had no idea Don Henley was an asshole. This is.

Are You Kidding Me?!: A (So-Called) Fan Gets Thrown Out Of Concert By Don Henley [POLL]

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Even before they shoved out the last partner of Eagles, LTD, I've long considered this situation as a couple of egomaniacal solo acts in a state of truce, in disguise as a band, unable to coexist with anyone they cannot subordinate. Sorry guys, but your fans determine that.
Sadly Randy won't be on the tour as he's in poor health. It would be silly to suggest anything less. Flanagan sure didn't seem to have a very high opinion of him in the book. The Eagles now, as they stand, are their own Tribute act. Wagner was a main source for the Nazi 'master race' delusion.
Is Levon Helm a lesser member of "The Band"? As an Eagles fan sinceI have yet to meet a fan of the band from the early days who's happy with the Felder situation, or believe the band is better without him. Frey's a shrewd business man, great musical talent, but a tough leader who lacks people management skills. Yes, he did what he thought necessary Don henley is an asshole the band to exist along his model but could he have handled things differently and still have a productive eclectic band without the wasted time? In the last ten years, Don henley is an asshole Felder's firing, the lawsuit, the tell-all, his media blitz, public appearances, constant touring promoting Eagles music, and his new album, one could argue that Felder has promoted the Eagles brand just as much as the collective band if not more. I hope Frey and Henley realize the value that he brought to the band and continues to add to the Eagles machine and allow him back in the tent. Especially if money's a motivation.
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